North American Meat Institute Recommended Handling and Stunning Practices and Other Information for Welfare Auditing

This section also contains Guidelines for Farms

Defining Sustainability for Food Supply Chain Managers

How to Work with Large Meat Buyers to Improve Livestock Welfare

Answers to Questions on a Robust Systematic Approach

Principles of ISO

Scoring of Handling in Squeeze Chutes in Feedlots.

The Importance of Measurement to Improve the Welfare of Livestock, Poultry, and Fish

Dairy Cow Photo Charts for Scoring Body Condition, Lameness, Cow Cleanliness, and Hock Injuries

Excerpt from OIE Transport of Animals by Land

OIE Chapter 7.5 Slaughter of Animals - Terrestrial Animal Health Code

Interpretation of the OIE General Principles for Animal Welfare for Livestock and Poultry Production

USDA/FSIS Humane Slaughter Act Enforcement

Standards for Broken Wings on Chickens

Interpretation of the American Meat Institute Animal Handling Guidelines for auditing the welfare of cattle, pigs, and sheep at slaughter plants

How to Calculate Numerical Scores of Animal Welfare in Very Small Slaughter Plants

Critical Control Points (CCPs) of Humane Slaughter and Handling with Audit Forms

Guidelines on the Use of Powered Push Gates for Moving Livestock

American Meat Institute Handling and Stunning Guidelines, 4th Edition - 2005, with 2007 and 2010 Updates. Note: This version will download with a slow internet connection.

2017 Edition Recommended Animal Handling Guidelines and Audit Guide, A Systematic Approach. Includes 2017 American Meat Institute transport audit (PDF).

Welfare Scoring of veal, sheep, and lamb slaughter

Guidelines for Scoring Vocalization in Cattle and Pigs

Animal Welfare Audits for Cattle, Pigs, and Chickens that use the HACCP Principles of Critical Control Points

Welfare in Slaughter Plants Improves

Poultry Slaughter Plant Audit: Critical Control Points for Bird Welfare

Livestock Handling Quality Assurance

Outline of cattle welfare critical control points on feedlots, ranches, and stocker operations

Outline of cow welfare critical control points for dairies

Beef Feedlot Audit Form

Cattle Transport Guidelines

Cattle Tranport Audit Form

Heat Stress and Lameness in Fed Feedlot Cattle

Welfare of Pigs during Transport

Pig Tranport Audit Form

Behaviour of cattle, pigs, bison and antelope during handling and transport

Welfare evaluation of controlled atmosphere stunning of poultry

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